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“A balance diet comprising of healthy & nutritious food is a key to promoting good health.”

We at “Sohum Udyog” believe in this and incorporate this in our products. Our product ranges from health conscious food items, innovative diet friendly breakfast options, and traditional Maharastrian food products, products specially made for “Fast” to nutritious and healthy options in baby foods. Our specialty is in Chakki fresh Atta made from best quality Lokwan wheat. We export this atta to 6 different countries.

Every product is made from best quality ingredients following best Industry practices for longer shelf life and better taste. Continuous cleaning and sanitation process is important part of our operations. For better shelf life every grain goes through medically safe fumigation process for 1-3 days period resulting into zero pest infiltrations of product.

The guiding principles of “Honesty, Integrity & Hardwork” set by our founder Late Smt. Sushila Gargate are followed in every operation in our plant. Working by these morals have ensured exponential growth of company while building strong and sustaining relations with our every customer.

Currently operating out of 3 closely knit facilities in Khed Shivapur, Pune with around 100 skilled and well trained employees we are dedicated to supply best quality products while improving on our market footprint.

Since Last decade or so we are continuously trying to develop “Sohum” as a brand in Pune, Mumbai, few other Indian states as well as International market. Currently our products are available in Dubai, United States, England, Netherlands, Singapore & Switzerland. Our Chakki fresh Lokwan Atta is consumer favorite in all these locations.

From 2017 we are working on diet food and are supplying diet kits for patients suffering from Diabetic, Obesity and Cardiac related issues. These diet kits are developed in such way that they will provide maximum benefits of special ingredients to patients while maintaining good taste. Patients consuming this diet box have shown extra ordinary improvements in their health conditions after completion of due course.

With new products launching soon and expansion in to state of the art new facility in 30000 Sq Ft., we remain committed to the customer satisfaction on our product taste, quality and affordability.



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